Site Membership
In order to become a member of Anadolu Images, you need to click on the “Register” link and fill out the form.
After you have filled out the form, you will receive an activation message to the e-mail adress that you have given and you need to click on the link. The Anadolu Images managers will make sure your registration information is complete before your account is activated.
Can anyone become a member?
In order to become a member of Anadolu Images site and to purchase content, you either have to be a commercial entity or its representative or the owner of that entity.
Where can I use the purchased content?
Images of Anatolia's editorial content are licensed. The use of editorial content for advertising, promotional, logo, promotional film and commercial gain is not possible. Editorial content may be used by broadcast organizations for news media, non-commercial and non-profit activities.
Are there any places where I cannot use Anadolu Images’ editorial content?
All kinds of pictures on the site – video and images – cannot be used under any circumstance under the following headlines:
- Custom prints to be sold individually,
- Resold to 3rd parties,
- Use in logos,
- The use of images of people in an insulting, demeaning manner or in a way the people don’t want it to be used,
- Included in pornographic content,
Content Research
You can view the site content in different ways.
Search by: Content-related keywords, by typing in the search box, you can view most recently uploaded photos backwards.
Categories with links: When you click on the category links under the Photo and Video title, you can see the loaded photos in that category from newest to oldest. The photo groups, loaded in the same subject, allow you to display multiple photos together.
English and Turkish with keywords photos
Anadolu Images hosts pictures with both Turkish and English keywords. If your browser language is Turkish, then photos captioned in Turkish will automatically be displayed. If your browser language is in English, photos captioned in English will automatically be displayed. If the photo you are looking for cannot be found in the standard language option, you may switch to other language keywords on the ‘Turkish-English’ filter on the left menu.
How can I make a payment?
You may add your favorite photos from Anadolu Images to your ‘Shopping Cart’ and then determine the conditions of use for these photos. After you’ve calculated the price according to the conditions of use, you will be redirected to the payment page through the “Order” link and pay safely via the 3D Secure system.
How can I change my user details?
You may change the information you entered when you registered from here.
Where can I ask for my password?
You may change the password you entered when you registered here.